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Trans-genderism vs Trans-ageism


Hashem always makes sure that there is a balance of Kedusha (holiness) and Tumah (its opposite) in the world to ensure that mankind will have a completely free choice in deciding what path in life to choose.

When Moshe was leading the Jewish nation with prophecy, Hashem made sure that the non-Jews of the time had a role model opposite him as a prophet for their 'dark side'.

And in later years, when prophecy was no longer a force for Jews, black magic and sorcery also disappeared from the world.

In 2015 there seems to be a new 'force' in the western liberal world, which as been trumpeted and lauded as a wonderful thing to behold -- trans-genderism. Bruce Jenner, who was the epitomy of masculinity in 1976 when he won the Olympic gold medal in the decathlon, and appeared on Wheaties boxes as a masculine inspiration to  American youth, now is the face (and body) of trans-genderism, and will be called 'Caitlin' Jenner. Fashion magazines, reality TV shows, and news stories all are ablaze with the wonder of this person who has 'chosen' to now be referred to as a woman.

What force can we Jews use to counter this latest assault on our sensibilities?

I propose that we all embrace trans-ageism. By that I mean that we should not be bound by our physical ages. Too many middle age and older people have decided that 'they are what they are, and they can't change'. If we think of ourselves as not being shackled by our bodies, but rather ruled by our brains, we can decide that we can change. There is always room for growth in our Torah observance, and we should attempt to look at ourselves as youthful people with enthusiasm and spirit to meet new challenges and grow from them.

And I would also suggest to my younger friends that sometimes they should think to act with more maturity and temper some of their youthful abandon in their daily lives, so as to further their growth as responsible Torah Jews.

If we embrace trans-ageism, perhaps we can add to the Kedusha in our spiritual atmosphere, to counter the Tumah that seems to be spreading in our society.   




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Last updated on: 06/16/2019
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