Questions You Have (That We Will Address In This Book):

I wasn’t Bar Mitzvahed – Am I really Jewish?  (Part I, Chapter 2)

Do I have any misconceptions about Judaism?  (Part I, Chapter 2)

Why am I reading this booklet anyway?  (Part I, Chapter 1)

What am I getting myself into?  (Parts II & III)

Where do I begin?  (Part I)

How do I get organized?  (Part I, Chapter 4)

What books can I read?  (Part II, Chapter 1)

Whom can I contact to help me?  (Part I, Chapters 4 & 5)

I'm a little anxious about this whole thing, what should I do to feel comfortable?  (Introduction)

Has anyone else besides me done this before?  (Introduction)

Is there a proven, tried & true method for getting involved?  (Introduction)

What things should I experience?  (Part II, Chapter 2)

What places should I visit?  (Part II, Chapter 2)

Does the Land of Israel play a role in my development?  (Part II, Chapter 2)

What are my chances of success?  (Part IV)

How will my becoming more religious affect my relationship with parents, family, & friends?  (Part III)

How will this affect my social life?  (Part III, Chapter 2)

Should I set myself a time schedule?  (Part I, Chapter 6)

How is my life going to change?  (Parts III & IV)

Who cares about me anyway?  (Part II, Chapter 5)

Are there people I should be wary of?  (Part I, Chapters 4 & 5)

Objectively, what are my present coordinates on the map of Judaism? (Part I, Chapter 2)

Last updated on: 06/16/2019
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