Chapter 1:  Why Am I Reading This?


Jews come to consider, or reconsider, their heritage for myriad reasons.  You may identify with one or more of these:

§  The prompting of a Jewish boy or girl friend

§  The prompting of a Gentile friend

§  An affinity with an older relative who has kept the faith, as it were

§  An uneasy feeling about your upcoming marriage to a Gentile

§  A positive encounter with a Torah Observant individual at work, school, or in your neighborhood

§  A scrape with anti-Semitism

§  A stomach at odds with itself come late December

§  An inability to answer questions about Judaism posed by Jews and non-Jews

§  Some obstinate sense of Jewish pride or identity

§  Wonderment about the ever-central role of the Jews in world history

§  The prompting of a Rabbi

§  Already achieved success and experienced every pleasure, but still have not found personal satisfaction

§  Gnawing, curiosity inside of you

§  Felt a compelling emotional tug while on a trip to Israel

§  A feeling of spiritual void

§  Uncertainty about the purpose and meaning of life


          All these reasons could point to a germinating interest that needs to be cultivated.  You're invited to read on and explore your heritage.


Last updated on: 01/20/2020
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