I.  Popular Conceptions About Jews And Judaism


After more than three decades of case history experience we’ve learnt that most people have preconceived notions of Judaism. Preconceived notions can be major roadblocks on any intellectual journey.

So let's begin by surveying some popular notions of Jews and Judaism.

·       There are three major denominations in Judaism.

·       Women are second-class citizens.

·       I'm half-Jewish; my father was Jewish.

·       This is not for me; I'm not Orthodox.

·       There is no afterlife.

·       All people are born sinners.

·       Kosher means "blessed by the Rabbi".

·       The Orthodox don't want to have anything to do with other   Jews, considering them at best second-class and at worst, not Jews at all.

·       Orthodox people cut themselves off from the outside world.

·       Religious Jews are anti-science.

·       All observant Jews are "geeks or nebby".

·       All married Orthodox women shave their heads.

·       Religious women are supposed to be unattractive.

·       "Modest dress" by definition means being dowdy and unattractive.

·       The Orthodox are not interested in teaching other Jews.

·       Observant men must have beards, black hats and preferably be disheveled and unkempt.

·       All religious persons are rabbis from Brooklyn collecting money.

·       Gentiles are to be scorned.

·       Manners, etiquette and courtesy are not part of observance.

·       Honesty in business is not part of the religion.

·       Religious Jews don't work for a living.

·       Having a Bar-Mitzvah or Bas-Mitzvah means having a big party.

·       I wasn’t Bar Mitzvahed, I’m not really Jewish.

·       Circumcision is health related.

·       Religious Jews believe in “an eye for an eye” literally.

·       Pork was prohibited because of the danger of trichinosis.

·       Religious Jews can't be doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc.

·       Marriages are arranged by matchmakers without the consent and knowledge of the parties.

·       Observant Judaism is a cult.

·       An Orthodox rabbi would never speak to me.

·       Even a short Yeshiva experience is not for me; after all "I'm never going to be a scholar."

·       Jewish education ends with a Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

·       Rabbis don't need to study after their ordination.

·       All persons seeking to become more religious are unstable.

·       Even if one observant Jew errs this is enough to show that Judaism is not a perfect system.


If I would want to become more religious:

·       I must minimize contact with family members who are not observant.

·       I have to sever ties with friends who are not observant.

·       I will never be accepted by my friends, family and business associates.


All of the above are absolutely false and are misconceptions!

If you even entertained one of the above notions you are misinformed about authentic Torah Judaism.


Last updated on: 01/20/2020
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