II.       Emotional Strains of Becoming Observant

          There are many religious concepts, laws and rituals, that a newly interested Jew comes into contact with, which cannot possibly be immediately integrated. Experience has shown, those who will most benefit and respond to the teachings and beauty of Judaism, are stable, responsible, mature and clear-headed individuals. For the unstable, Judaism can often be a source of confusion and irrational behavior.

          A perfect example would be the study of Kabbalah, which is really for the advanced Torah scholar only, but has been a magnet for those who are emotionally unstable; its mystical connotations seem to offer a solution to all problems.

          A truly religious lifestyle is demanding and can add pressures an unstable person is not ready for. New commitments, structure, and definite limitations can result in meaningful spiritual growth for the emotionally balanced, or be an escape medium for those looking to avoid a too painful reality.



Last updated on: 03/31/2020
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