IV. “Torah Judaism” Key to a Well Balanced Personality

          Be honest - how many people do we see around us whose lives are in total harmony, who have a real sense of purpose, reality and happiness?  One needn't look too hard, to see a pretty insane and confusing world all around us.  As the material and hedonistic desires of our world are increasingly emphasized, we become more and more desperate to find new forms of pleasure.  The more strongly we pursue these pleasures, the more neurotic and unsure we become about how to live our lives.

          Everyone is confronted almost daily with ethical dilemmas in their work place or in their personal lives that challenge their emotions and psyche.  The media is constantly bombarding us with new trends and social issues challenging our previously held notions.  Where does a person in this environment seek wisdom and values that are lasting and solid?  How does a person go about determining what his purpose in life is and, consequently, what his priorities are?  And finally, is it even possible for a person to live his life with any kind of confidence that his existence is honest, just and worthwhile?

          “Torah Judaism” provides answers to all of these life challenges.  It offers a way of life that allows a person to reach their own greatest potential while experiencing a sense of joy and happiness unavailable in the secular world of instant temporary gratification.  A life guided by “Torah Judaism”, set down by the Creator Himself is comprised of values consistent, meaningful and eternal.


Last updated on: 06/16/2019
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