V.     Torah Judaism, the Best Kept Secret You Certainly Want to Know About 

Judaism is not: bagels and lox; the Yiddish theatre; a trip to the Holocaust Museum; eating gefilte fish; political liberalism. All the above may be cultural Judaism in much of the Western world, but it is not, “Judaism the religion” nor “Judaism the eternal”.

Judaism, is the Jewish nation’s relationship with the Almighty. G-d defined Judaism by giving us the manual of instructions governing our relationship with Him. That manual was given to the Jewish nation 3,300 years ago at Mount Sinai and is called the Torah.  Judaism is, “Torah Judaism”, plain and simple. 

Torah, refers to both the written and oral code given by G-d to Moses to instruct the Jewish people how to live their lives and maintain a relationship with Him.

The Torah was given by G-d to benefit His chosen nation and the world. Being G-d given, the Torah is consistent, meaningful and eternal. A Jew who keeps the Torah and integrates its lessons, will lead a consistent and meaningful life; a life that should be emotionally balanced and spiritually guided.


Last updated on: 06/16/2019
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