Getting started in Judaism is like planning any journey. You would be well advised to speak to others who have already made the trip; they know the lay of the land and you can benefit greatly from their experiences.  They can prepare you for the highlights and pitfalls, and let you know what you can’t afford to miss and what you should try to avoid.  Most importantly, they can assure you that it is a fascinating, informative and very worthwhile trip to take.

        If you’re concerned about what to bring on such a journey, don’t be.  In fact, the less “baggage” you bring, the better off you are (if you get the drift).  There are, however four essentials in order to get the maximum benefit from your trip:

1)    It   is necessary to bring lots of questions and to ask them.  Judaism encourages questions and challenges.  It is the only way to learn. 

2)    One should also try to bring along an open mind. You will, undoubtedly, be confronted by many new and different perspectives on the world; allow yourself to consider them. 

3)    Patience! Don’t make snap judgments. Try to consider everything fairly and within the context of the overall picture (which you do not yet know).  Like a masterpiece painting, it’s how it all fits together that makes it so beautiful.

4)    But the most important trait you’ll require on this journey is an unabating honesty and self-awareness.  One must be able to acknowledge biases in order to truthfully evaluate another lifestyle and culture.

      So, pack up your questions, keep your open mind, be patient and honest and let’s get started.   


Last updated on: 01/20/2020
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