Chapter 4: Where Do I Begin?    

          Consider: if a tourist were to come to New York and spend all his time in Central Park, he would leave extolling New York City as a glorious urban park. If he would visit Rikers Island (a prison facility in New York City), he would leave labeling New York City as a penal colony.

Obviously, to get an understanding of a huge metropolis such as New York, a tourist has to experience a full range of its sights and sounds. How does a tourist access this full-range experience?

The answer is: he needs a knowledgeable tour guide who has lived in the city and experienced first hand all aspects of the city’s life.

So to with regard to Judaism, don't think you are going to get too far by:

          *  learning Kabbalah

          *  reading a book about the sociology of a kibbutz

          *  becoming a vegetarian

          *  Climbing to the top of Masada

           *  Wearing jewelry in the form of Hebrew letters

As a beginner, all of the above will give you a distorted or at best, a partial view of what Judaism really is.

          Therefore, the first and foremost item on your agenda has to be getting for yourself a knowledgeable accredited tour guide.


Last updated on: 01/20/2020
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