If you’ve come this far, experienced, read and learned about everything in the previous chapters, and it’s been positive, the next step is clear- you’re ready to become observant.

Although this is the logical next step, it’s still a little scary.  It’s a big step and will necessitate a couple of concepts not commonly found in our culture: commitment and sacrifice.

While looking in from the outside may have been enjoyable and, indeed, Jewish life is a beautiful, pleasurable and fulfilling lifestyle, still it’s hard to revamp one’s way of living without confronting some difficulties and making some major adjustments.

There are three important aspects of your life that are bound to be affected by becoming religious: career, social life and family relations.  Adherence to Jewish law will impose restrictions on both your work schedule and physical relations; your friends’ and family’s reaction to your new ideas may be a source of contention and alienation.

Of course, it is possible that all these things will work out beautifully and you can accomplish this changeover seamlessly and without challenges - but don’t count on it.  While ultimately, all these areas of life will be enhanced, initially, sacrifices will need to be made and your commitment will be challenged repeatedly.

In this section of the book, “Getting It All Together”, we will try to prepare you for some of these challenges and sacrifices and offer some advice on how to deal successfully with them. 


Last updated on: 06/16/2019
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